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The Horse is an ancient creature, around 60 million years old in fact. This makes them an extremely successful creature and is tribute to their incredible ability to survive and adapt.
    Since their domestication around 6 thousand years ago, we have drastically changed the living and social habits of horses and unfortunately for some the change is too much.  Practices such as stabling, shoeing and keeping horses separately may be normal for us but for the horse these are totally alien concepts and changes that they haven't evolved to deal with. So as care providers it should be our responsibility to provide what they do need rather than expecting them to conform to what we want. Natural Horse Management is an attempt to identify and provide these needs.

The benefits of the Natural Care Boarding system are many and varied, but always result in a happier healthier horse.

  • Behavior driven movement - fitter horses all round

  • An overweight horse will have a real opportunity to loose excess weight and become healthy again

  • Aggressive behavior lessens or stops

  • Mental activities as well as physical - there is always something to look at or do!

  • Optimizing hoof growth and producing healthier, stronger hooves

  • Aids the digestive system

  • Great fitness tool

  • Great de-stressor

  • Being allowed to behave in instinctual ways

  • Herd bonding


Horses living on our natural horsekeeping boarding track system.

Natural boarding methods are based on the study of how horses live in the wild. They are designed to meet the basic physiological needs of the horse and are the foundation of all natural horse care.

$275.00  Natural Care Track Boarding Complete Package

Paddock Paradise - The ultimate in natural horse boarding

Horses on this package stay turned out with other horses and do not get a stall.

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Natural Care Boarding

Paddock Paradise 

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